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Monday, 29 November 2010

NEW Toiles

Just produced some new toiles for outfit one!! Whatcha guys think???

Layering the bust cups together..

dismantling old bras to create an interesting shape..

Sheer skirt/cape to go over the playsuit

I really like what has been created here..

Tie waist band, so you can remove it if you want to bare for flesh..

Tell me what you think of this? I am going to do more on this on the next few days for the toile review on thursday..


Sunday, 28 November 2010


I'm in the process of creating a Website for my final collection..

Check it out? It's still in progress but i think you'll enjoy it :)


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Inspirational designer underwear..

Below are some of my best picks for underwear this season..
IF its somecute and girly you want or something hot and raunchy! I've found it for you!!

La Perla
Zebra print sheer La Perla bra - £156

Elle Macpherson Intimates
Elle Macpherson print nude bra £65

La Perla La Perla
Lace La Perla underwear set knickers £135 and bra £275

La Perla La Perla
La Perla bra and knickers set £274 for the bra and £110 for the thong

Stella McCartney Stella McCartney
lace and silk Stella McCartney bra and knickers set. £130 for the set

Ender Legard Corsetry
All in one Ender Legard body £380, great for a smooth line underneath an evening dress.

Carine Gilson
Carine Gilson corset bra £650

All in one body with sheer panelling, could be worn with trousers or a skirt in the evening
Wolford £109

Kiki de Montparnasse
stomach corset by Kiki de Montparnasse £270, can be worn with a dress to create a hourglass

Mimi Holliday by Damaris
sheer all-in-one body by Mimi Holliday, £75

Agent Provocateur
Corset dress by Agent Provocateaur , £425

La Perla La Perla

Lace underwear by La perla..

Kiki de Montparnasse
Kiki De Montparnasse £380 sheer corset dress

Lace and Faux Leather Balcony Longline Bra
Topshop long line Bra £25.00

Lace Suspender Belt
Topshop £8.00

High Apex Denim and Lace Bra
Denim and lace mix £18 from topshop

Vintage Style Lace and Mesh Strapless Slip
Lace sheer slip £35 Topshop

High Waisted Pant By Unique**
Big knickers £10 Topshop

Lace Corsellette
£32 topshop

Carmen Silk at La Senza Lingerie - Click to view more details
La senza bra £30

Twilight at La Senza Lingerie - Click to view more details
£16 from La senza

Let me know what your opinion of this underwear is??

Keeping warm this winter!!

Here are some of my best picks for keeping nice and snug this winter!!! At a variety of prices.

Diane von Furstenberg Striped knitted sweater
Diane Von Furstenburg jumper (available on Net-a-porter.com)

Marc Jacobs
For the glamorous among us who still want to keep cosy!!
Marc Jacobs sequinned knit cardigan £2,145

Moschino Cheap and Chic
For that evening out when you still need to put a jacket on and look fabulous
Mochino £780

Faux Fur Hood Swing Duffle Coat
Channel your inner Glastonbury chic in this Parka by Topshop for £95

Ultimate Military Cape
Get this season's colour (Camel) cape to keep you warm.
from Topshop £95, well worth the money, this style staple will come back season after season.

Knitted Spot Collar Dress
This chic and cheap jumper dress with sheer panelling at the top really
helps you be classy and warm. Team with opaque tights and a a pair of leather gloves.
From Miss Selfridge in the sale £15

Khaki twill harem trousers
Khaki trouser from Dorothy perkins £28

ARELLA2 Heeled Hiker Boots
These boots are amazing! Bang on trend for the winter with the white fur on top, iv
just purchased a flat pair like this myself!
You can get these beautys for £70 in the sale from good old Topshop.

Miu Miu
Go Geek chick in thie Miu Miu satchel, because every new season needs a new handbag of course!! £995 from Net-a-porter.com

F&F Gloves
leather gloves by F&F at Tesco £12

Stone Henge (Stone) Shearling Earmuff | 203331216 | New Look
Earmuffs.. to keep you ears nice and snug!! £4.99 from Newlook.

KAMILLE Soft Chocolate Lace Up Brogues
Brogues!!! wear with warm long knitted skirts. Keep your feet nice and toasty and stylish!

Hope you like my hot picks from the season! Let me know if you want more help??

The History of the Bra..

There is record of Bras going back to 2500 B.C, where men first started to 'worship' the bosom and wanted them pushed up and bought more to attention..

“Around 2500 B.C., breasts were being admired. And that’s no surprise
when you look at the men’s view of the women of those days. They
adored them. In fact, they all but worshipped them. And the women,
in tribute to all this attention, wore bras that lifted their breasts so
much that they exposed them in all their splendor (at least, that’s
how the men saw them).”

But unfortuntly one of the earlier est pictures we have of the bra is only from 1880.

One of the earliest bras we have photographic evidence off.

In the 1920's the bra became more fabricated and less boned, giving the wearer more freedom.
Alot of the 'Bra's' at the time were more like camisoles
a bra from the 1920's

The pin up look started to become popular and women favoured wearing all-in-ones
as it gave your bust support, you waist defernition, acted as a girdle and had suspender straps
to hold you stockings off.

With the 1940’s bought WW2, and quality fabric and lace became limited. Women
had to do the whole ‘make do and mend’ trend from their clothing to their underwear. Alot of
women made their own clothes from scratch
using old fabric they had or old clothes. Above is a picture of a pattern you could
buy to make your own bra during the 40’s. Luxury bras at this time were only avalible for
the very rich and famous.

The 50's bought back glamour and luxury to underwear. Fabric was no longer rationed and
was once again affordable.
Women were celebrating their curves and were trying different styles and pieces just for the bedroom

Which many women now blame for the way women dress now days, if baggy jumpers, loose jeans and trainers.
But they did give all women the right to vote and to me equals with men.

Women gathered in thousands all around the country to burn their bras in means for freedom.
The bra became a mascot for all that was wrong with the world. Keeping women constricted and
confined in metal.

In the 1970's Vivienne Westwood bought us her first boutique. labelled 'SEX', which pushed the
bounderies of clothing and sold bondage gear.

we started to see a movement away from pretty underwear and more into
sexually explicit!

The naughties - bought women the freedom to wear whatever they like, and many
young women now go out in underwear to bars and clubs in the evening.
Companies such as Victoria secret and Ann summers have made choice and variety key
in underwear and you can now go into a sex shop on you lunch break and come out with
nipple tassels and crotchless underwear. The reality is nothing is shocking to us any more, and that is what the big designers keep trying to produce, the next shocking thing.