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Monday, 31 January 2011

BLACK SWAN - Official HD trailer

The Black Swan

Soo.... theres alot of press attention at the moment around the 'Black Swan' , a new film staring Natalie Portman.

Black Swan
Here is one of the photos from the Black swan..

From the press and what has been written about it i can gather that It is about a ballerina who is tryin to get the lead charactor in the play 'Swan Lake' but she is too pure and innocent and has to battle a 'friend' for the part, she tries to change her personality to play the role and becomes alot darker and tries to things that could ruinen her life after all.

The angry kiss that critics have talked about!

I am very much looking forward to seing it very soon at the cinema!!


UPDATE: I went to see this film last night in the cinema! IT is absoloutly amazing, i would recommend it, everyone should see this film. The erotic nature, the incest relationship, the power struggles.. and the fact she goes insane and mentally turns herself into a swan. It is very gory, and so not for the faint hearted, even i had to look away a couple of times when she was ripping parts of her skin off!!
You leave the cinema, still thinkin of the film, even when you go to sleep that night it is still playing on your mind. It has a very strange mother, daughter relationship aswell where the mother is in love with her daughter to an obsessive and sexual degree. There is lesbian scenes also between Natalie portman and one of the dancers.
Amazing Film. If you go and see one film this year.. make it this!!!


Its Brighton Baby!!!

This weekend I went to Brighton for the weekend with my best friends to see the sights and for one of their birthdays. I had never been before, so found it very interesting, exciting and inspirational!
We only went Saturday to Sunday, but we packed so much in and barley slept we felt like we had been there a lot longer, and managed to see everything we wanted too! I managed even to fit in a bit of research for my final collection and made it to some of the Sex shops to check out the PVC and bondage outfits for inspiration.

Beautiful beach

The birthday girl and myself!
The indie club we went too

In the Sex shop

A cake shop that made Katie Price's wedding cake
Birthday cake
On the road there!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

..Fetish Me Sir ;)

Fetish wear and rubber, PVC sexualised clothing is used across the board in fashion. I can make a simple design, edgy and controversial. Everything i want my collection to with-hold. So with the idea of using PVC and black leather in my collection i thought it best to have a look at what fetish fashion is out there and how it has been used in High end fashion soo far...

Naomi for Vogue Russia
Naomi Campbell in a Russian Vogue photo-shoot

PAIGE Underwear set
Nude fetish wear

Gothic Geisha#
Clown Gold
Having fun with fashion

Day of the Dead
Sailor Moon Gold
sexualised clothing

bondage clothing

LAdy Ga Ga's Alexandro Video:
pvc and fetish-wear is used here also

Bizarre Magazine
IT can appear on the front covers of magazines.

High end couture shoots

Katy Perry at the Victoria Secret Fashion show:

Latex and colour add for a completely different

Emily Johnston on Bizarre Cover

Isabeli Fontana on V Magazine
house of harlot are a fetish company that works with high fashion labels, and here their garments are on the front cover of V magazine

and again in French Vogue
Marion Cotillard French Vogue, photo mert marcus

Bizarre Magazine cover and feature, model Olivia Rabanal

Bizarre Magazine cover and feature, model Olivia Rabanal

Agyness Dean is wearing GINA stockings and ALEXIS suspender belt in plum color.
aggy deyn

Kitty Lea custom outfit in white latex and red glitter.

beyonce in fetish were for her Green Light video in 2008

Beyonce in Greenlight video

Charlotte Church at G.A.Y

Charlotte Church at G.A.Y.

Jordan in Loaded Calendar 2000

Kelly Brook, shot by Perou
kelly brook

Marilyn Manson and Dita von Teese
Dita Von Tease- the women with the best hourglass figure to date!!

Nicole from the pussy cat dolls in latex

Britney spears in the infamous red catsuit

Fetish Fashion is also very poignant in Vogue.

Eva Mendes

even just a touch of fetish in footwork

I will look at how this can be incorporated in my work..