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Monday, 5 September 2011

...looking at a new boutique

Heres another great outfit that i found...

Alice by Temperley Mini Brigitte Dress

I love this jumper dress, It is young and hip and would be great with a pair of over the knee socks for that sixties look..

You can pick these up from any shop of the highstreet for a couple of quid so no excuse!!

but, with this fabulous dress we need to find some nice shoes ect... and we need to look no further than Question Air...

Liebeskind Greta Bag
liebeskind bag £275

Sam Edelman Ria Ankle Boots
Sam Edelman Ria ankle shoobs £165

American Vintage Thin Wool Scarf
American Vintage scalf £95 (tied at the front of neck on a bow)

Bibi Multi Coin Bracelet
and add this fabulous bibi multi coin braclet !!

To Get this whole look go to:

Thanks =)


...looking at a new boutique

Here's that high powered, 'don't mess with me' look that would make any top lawyer doubt himself.
The amazing Vivienne Westwood designed most of this look, with her unique pattern cutting and sewing style there is nothing out there like this, and no high street replica you can copy I'm afraid, save up for the real thing!!

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Side Draped Suit Skirt
Skirt- Vivienne Westwood - £225

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Draped Suit Jacket
Vivienne Westwood - £455

..and depending on you style either pick a fitted jersey top
Rick Owens Lilies Pearl Top
Rick Owens Lilies Pearl top £190

or do it in style and finish off with ..

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Classic Popeline Shirt
Vivienne Westwood shirt £195

and well it would be rude to not finish it off with this bag:

Vivienne Westwood Winter Oxford Bag
Viv again : £345

and through these heels on and you done..

Rupert Sanderson Harper Shoes
Rupert Sanderson £480

Get all this on:

What do you think... leave me a comment??!


...looking at a new boutique

As iv been looking i have been inspired at what clothes I have been seing so here is another look, a work look, for that stylish london working women, having a high end busy lifestyle, and in this look she can go straight from the office to the dancefloor!!!!

David Meister Animal Print Dress
David Meister Dress £425

Rupert Sanderson Harper Shoes
Rupert Sanderson Heels - £480

Liebeskind Greta Bag
Liebeskind Greta Bag £275

Mrs Robinson Large Cuff
Mrs Robinsons cuff £25

This 1940's inspired outfit will turn heads wherever you step..

for this complete ouftit... go to..

Whatcha think?

...looking at a new boutique

So i have an interview with 'Question Air', a London chain of boutiques on Tuesday this week and I am very nervous! And as its a Styling/Sales Assistant job I thought it best to look at some of their stock, and have a look at how I would style each outfit...
Here are my results..

Mother Looker Skinny Black Jeans
Mother Looker Black Skinny Jeans - £210

Ash Tennesee Boots
Ash Tennesee boots - £325

American Vintage Tank Top
American Vintage White t - £35

Malene Birger Solua Woolen Cardigan- £209
(work open over white tshirt)

Feather & Stone Gold Lyra Necklace
Feather and Stone Necklace - £105

Alex Monroe Gold Stud Earrings
Earings Alex Monroe- £95

Jamie 7 Strand Karma Bracelet
Jamie 7 strand braclet - £179

Ash Gwyneth Bag
Ash Gwyneth bag £165

So this is my look, and it is a very Kate Moss/ Sienna Miller look for a stylish women under the age of 40..

Get yours now at :

Tell me what you think??