..."Welcome to my new POST GRADUATE blog... don't worry I will still be talking about fashion... but i will also be bringing you all the highs and lows of a northern girl trying to make it in the land of the pie and gravy ... there will be love... laughs and real lows... hang on to your hats guys... this ride is going straight to the stars!!!!!!!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Style me?!

Dinner Date by Maggie-Moo

Styled by me!!!
Enjoy ur perfect first date in this stylish but cute outfit.

All from Asos online



In the last two weeks i have been dashing to and from london like a mad women to
try and land myself a job with the British infamous company Harvey Nichols!
I have had promising feedback from the company and are still waiting to be approved by the designer...Aubade
So i thought i would show my followers a sample of the fantastic French lingerie brand...

The number 1 french born brand uses provocative images across their advertising campaigns, but it is still tasteful and beautiful, and doesn't reach the extreme of other i.e Tom Ford

I love this image, flirty and cheeky!!!

the shots remind me alot of my final collection, with close up images of risque parts of the body. showing detail and design.

It is a fantastic brand, and know i would love to have the opportunity to work for such an amazing lingerie company.

What do you guys think? have you got some Aubade pieces in your lingerie draw??


Monday, 1 August 2011

..Birthday Money

So...it has just been my 22nd birthday, and i got given quite a bit of cash, sooo as I am loving anything vintage and 70's at the moment i thought id splash out on a few quirky peices, and funny enough they go quite well together...

Shirt- £12 from Primark
Skirt £40 from River Island
Shoes £12.99 from New Look
Bag: 12.99 from New Look
Necklace- £2 from Evans!!

I think a rather succesfull spend-a-thon!!!!

....and i have an engagment party comming up soon, and i think this would be perfect for that!!


...Styling again!!

So... while iv been tryin to find some work experiance or a permanant job i
have been doing some styling work to keep my fashion juices going..
AND Iv also applied for the LOOK & OASIS 'Design a Dress' competition... Sooo gotta keep my fingers crossed for that!!!

cashual office look by Maggie-Moo

Hamptons Chic by Maggie-Moo


Let me know what you guys think, and sorry iv been slacking on here...
ill be better... i promise :P xx