..."Welcome to my new POST GRADUATE blog... don't worry I will still be talking about fashion... but i will also be bringing you all the highs and lows of a northern girl trying to make it in the land of the pie and gravy ... there will be love... laughs and real lows... hang on to your hats guys... this ride is going straight to the stars!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

..Dead Doll..

Getting ready for Halloween.. favourite time of the year!! Proper gone to town on my costume this year! this is one of my props =p

Toileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =)

corset toile so far.. pattern!!!

Fake Monday Morning!!..AGAIN!!

..Got massively rained on today!!!... Had to lug all my work in a suitcase in lectures...=/
Had a productive weekend though..Went to London on Saturday for Research which was very rewarding.
Iv been checking out some of the fashion blogs out there to get inspiration for my own work.
After speaking to the tutors today they want me to make my collection alot more fashion forward! which i agree. By adding small details to a corset i can make it alot more contemporary. shoulder pads or different media could do this easily.
For this evening and tomorrow i will be creating my pattern, and try to create it into a garment.
My lecturer will be helping me to adjust my pattern to make it fit under the bust properly as the maniqan only had a moulded bust.
All day i have been tracing round the string style lines that i put on the bodice. When i get home i will be making this into a pattern.
I am planning on doing a photoshoot Friday afternoon. In an over grown garden with my model in underwear...
My friends coming over tonight for dinner.. but shes a nurse so shes gunna bring some of her work over and well have a work/dinner night :)
Love xxxxxxxx

Saturday, 23 October 2010


Went to Watch Paranormal Activity 2 on friday night, scared the hell out of me.. had to sleep on my housemates floor that night!! WIMP!!!

Went to London today with Sadie.. went and looked at some of the collection that have been inspiring us so we could see the quality of how they were made and what the atmosphere of the shop was like...
took pictures of what i could and of the window display. Found it really inspiring!
Also went to harrods to look at the pet section!! soooooo cute!! had to take a cheeky photo! :P

Wicked day!! Proper tiring!! had to chill with Dominos and x factor in the evening!!!

LOve xxxxxxxxxxx


Friday, 22 October 2010


Does anybody know the name of anyone who works as an underwear model or works in burlesque that i could interview???

Thanks =) xxx


ARGHHHH My house alarm went of this morning!! because my housemate was showering and the steam went into the fire detector thing!!
Woke me up :( and then it wouldnt go of for agess!! Had giving me such a bad headache =(

quiet time please!!!! =/xxxx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The weekend starts here..

Came home from lectures today... got back, made dinner and then just collapsed in bed. Was soooo tired i slept for like 2 hours, all this work is knackering me out.
Had a good day in the studio, although we waited for 6 hours to be seen my our lecturer, and he never made it around which was a bit annoying!!
Drew our names for secret santa, although it doesnt stay very secret with us lot!! I've got Cazz, who although isn't on the course any more, has been on it for 2 years so we couldn't do it without her!!
Meant to be spending tonight bashing out some of this dissertation, not sure whether to just give up doing that untill 2mro and carry on with some sketchbook work..
Had enough of staring at a computer screen for one day!!!!

I'm excited for Saturday, cazz is cumin over and were having Domino s and pizza!!! and a then im going to watch the Cheryl Cole interview afterwards...

OMMGG almost forgot, the lecture dropped a nice big bomb today.. weve gotta enter a competition.. ASWELL as al the other work were doing!! mentalll =(

right... i need to unwind..

night all :) x o x o

Sketchbook work..


Omg I feel like at the moment I feel guilty in sleeping!! I worked solid last night, till about midnight.. and then decided I should get some sleep as I am getting up at 8am to go to the LRC to print some work out. It too me sooooooooo long to fall asleep. I just has work running through my head all night. Which was really annoying as I felt like I needed a break!! I'm not going out this week. have waaay to much work on at the moment, So I'm gunna save myself for Halloween I think. Got such a good idea to what to go as for Halloween! a DEAD DOLL!!! been buying stuff on ebay for it.. soo cute!!

Nervous for them to talk to me today... scared of what thell say about my work =/


Wednesday, 20 October 2010


..ITs my independent study day today..so iv been spending it doing some designs and sketchbook work..
When looking for hourglass shapes i came across alot of photographs of Dita Von Tease.. I found her body really inspiring, they way she wears underwear and clothes is beautiful.

Finding all this work load really overwhelming!!.. Was meant to go to the cinema tonight to see the new film 'Social Network' but had soo much more to do before my lesson 2mro i had to cancel it :(

ordered a set of suspenders and stockings for a photo shoot i want to do next week. For photographs for my new website.

Love xxx

Dita Von Tease

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

..Studio Time..

..Spent the day in the fashion studio today..
getting feedback of the tutors on my website and how i have been progressing with my work so far..its going alright so far... David 2 is really excited about my underwear theme which is always good to know..

Gotta try and find a few people to interview in the industry about underwear, and talk to someone doing computer programming to complete my website..

.Got my old housemates cumin over tonight for dinner and a catch up which will be a nice break from work :) And then going to sort out my haloween costumes aswell... were going to be going as 'Dead Dolls'..with pinny's, and white stockings and ribbon in our hair..

cute =)

love xxxxx

Monday, 18 October 2010

..Range 1..

Design Day!

...had a really inspiring afternoon...so decided to work on some ranges for my collection. Now i will only be making 2 garments this is easing the stress considerably.

I'll try and upload some pictures of my work onto here as soon as i can...

i decided to boy-cott my dissertation meeting today... it really annoyed me last week i was waiting for 40 mins to see the guy and tell him about my work, he didnt really help me just confused me and we only spoke for 5 mins. So i thought i might aswell stay at home, get on with some design work and make sure i know what im doing for 2mro's lesson.

Last episode of the Inbetweeners tonight!!! wooop!!!

Love xxxxx

Saturday, 16 October 2010


Ughhhhh had the longest sleep today!!! Feel absoloutly drained!!
Got told yesterday we have two choices to do with our final collection, we can either make 4 outfits and do less writing, or we can make 2 and do more writing. Deffo think im going to just make 2.. Well i hate sewing and love marketing.. so makes sense really!!
Not done any work today, feel guily, but im going to get up really early 2mro morning and do a full day!!! just not in the mood at the moment.. feel really sad today!! Stupid bloody men!!

Watched X factor tonight with the housies and adopted housies!!! =D
What the HELL is cheryl cole doing to herself. Her hair was awfull!!! Well at least she didnt look like Bart Simpson this week.. tangoed down which is deffo a good thing!!

How HOT did Simon cowell look.. with his little bit of chest hair popping through..mmmm

really liked matt cardel and Katie's performance!! What the hell is the Cher still going here.. first of all she needs to blood EAT!! and realise she is not a black women living in the ghetto in new york! shes on the x factor!! grrr shes sooooo annoying!!
LOVE a bit of x factor tho.. cheers my saturday hangovers right up!!
ooooooo my camera is back from the camera fixing shop, my dads gunna post it down to me this week!! excitiiitnggggg to have it back again.. felt lose without it!!

Well im off to go and watch a leo dicaprio film and drullll!!! =P

LOve xxxxx

Thursday, 14 October 2010


..Below is a moos board i did for my collection..
i want it to be very femine and chic... and with a wasp waist... corsets and stocking are going to be key elements in my work.

Got giving a new brief today as i am a fashion with marketing student..
we have 2 options to choose from, and im really confused on what option to pick. They both sound too similar.. really confusing..
Had a evening with Sadie watching 'Drop dead fred' tonight and spent the night trying to sort out her concept!! Our course is really hard at the moment and i just need 6 months time to hurry up.. be soooooo less stressful!!

Starting to feel better now after my sick day, dont feel like iv been punched in the head as much.. housies cheered me up!!
might be going to the student union 2mro for my friends birthday... depends on the work load tho...
only got 2 hour of marketing lectures 2mro..boooyahhhh =P

Gotta get crakin with my dissatation over the weekend.. think im gunna be spending most of sat in the Libary.. need to outline my chapters for monday!! ooo eck!!!

love and kisses

Sick Day! =(

...had the most dreadful night..
barley slept at all... kept feeling like i had been kicked in the head!! Really painful..
So have spent most of the day in bed!! trying to sleep the pain off... bad times!!

..This means iv been unable to complete any work today and had to miss studio time. Which I feel really guilty about.
Hoping that i feel better soon.... =/

lovee xx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Day off!!

Looking into the GOD that is Tom Ford at the moment. One of my favourite designers and i think he is a genies, his advertising campaigns are amazing!!So... I'm researching into that today... trying to come up with what brand I would be, and what advertising campaigns i would use to promote my clothes.


Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Had a 'Date' tonight with a friend... was forced to sit through the 2nd Lord of The Rings (had to watch the last one last week)..Very long film.. had top stop for toilet and tea breaks!!

Would deffo recommend!! The special effects are amazziiinnnggggg


OMG! in total shock still.. remember Monica from Friends and her husband?

'Courntey and David Arquette'

They announced last night they have split up!!! Poor Coco!! =(

Me and the fashion girls in Paris 2010

Fake Monday Morning!!

Its Tuesday morning, but as we didn't have lectures yesterday it feel like Monday morning!
In the Studio, getting ready to present some of the work i have produced.
starting work on design development and skills... had a lecture about it this morning!!

Received a reference today from the head of my department to help me apply for my PGCE that I will be undertaking next year. Was pleasantly surprised in the feedback I received. Made me have a lot more confidence in my ability's and skills...

Full day of Studio work today....With the new fringe i got cut last night:p...


Saturday, 9 October 2010


My inspiration for life and FASHION - Carrie Bradshaw and the 5th character in Sex and the City and the place i will someday call 'home'-....NEW YORK CITY

....saturday morning..

....Saturday morning..

Whooppsss properly wasn't the best idea to go out on the town last night. woke up at lunchtime feeling rather worse for were :/

although i have been working through x factor this evening!! Thought it was amazing. Was really inspired by Aidan's version of the Donny Darko song 'Mad World'

I have been reading up on Christian Dior's new look this evening. Think its amazing some of the things he has said. That is kind of what i want to do in my collection. Make it feminine, bring back the womanly shape and embrace its sexy-ness..

Also been searching through Agent provacateau and Victoria secrets on-line website for inspirations... that has been very helpfull, being able to see how lingerie is used an its supportive-ness

intresting day... am going to do a full day of dissertation work tomorrow. =)

Night all....
Love x
found this image on the net when i was looking for inspirational images. Absoloutly fell in love with it, sums up an area of my final year collection, sensual, underwear with a dirty edge.

let me know what you think =)

Friday, 8 October 2010

Friday Night!

Ohhh myyy been working away like a slave all week on my Final major project.
Had my first Marketing lecture today aswell... got soo much work to do for that aswell, its getttin a bit overwelming!!! Hope i manage to do it ok..
Me, Sadie and Anna and the girls are all off to the Student union tonight for anna's birthday!! Hopefully the break will do us some good and we can start again in the morning with a fresh head!!!!

Finding researching really hard at the moment, i know what i want to make, just hard to explain and express.
Its a micture of enhances the hourglass figure with corsetry, underwear and structure. But i want it pretty, i dont want it to look minimalistic, i hate that!!!!

Best get ready..

Love xx