..."Welcome to my new POST GRADUATE blog... don't worry I will still be talking about fashion... but i will also be bringing you all the highs and lows of a northern girl trying to make it in the land of the pie and gravy ... there will be love... laughs and real lows... hang on to your hats guys... this ride is going straight to the stars!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

...Discovering Nottingham..

Sooo..... I moved to Nottingham about 2 months ago and I've got to say I really like it!!!! I hadn't had much time to explore before... but now I have time of from work I have been seeing what Nottingham has to offer!!!!..
I now work as a Trainee Product Manager for River Island.. and I run the kidswear section ... it's a really cool job the only downside is it starts to make you want kids as the clothes are sooo cute!! hahah

So when I was driving around the city with my boyfriend yesterday I came across a fabulous shop!!! Inspired by vintage dresses it sells of the rack dresses and custom made ones!!! You can either use their fabric choices or bring in your own, and have a fabulous dress made for you and I think its a really affordable chic way off looking fabulous!! 
I contacted them this evening about doing some work experience with them as I'd love to learn how to make them!!....


I love this dress!!! its so cute and the stockings and cake just add to the shoot!!

the dresses are very popular around Nottingham and many girls send in pictures to their website of them wearing them!!!

this is my favouriteeeeeeeee!!!

This is the shop.... its on Forest Road Nottingham... you should check it out!!! Im gunna go in and have a Christmas dress made I think...

Sooo the other week this really cool girl came up to me at work and gave me this flyer... its for  burlesque club...their halloween night... and Im very intrigued... i want to go!!!! one of the girls from work does burlesque classes for dancing and I wanna give it a go... i think it would be fabulous and a great way to get to know more people too!!!...

looks fab!! Im going to find out more!!

I went to a wedding in devon a month ago, it was one of my best friends, Sadie from my fashion degree!!! It was such a beautiful and magical day and the vintage inspired wedding was very kitch... here are some of my favourite photos..

beautiful vintage bridesmaids...

beautiful table decor..

cupcake time!! mmmmm nom 

The Beautiful bride and her prince charming!!!

...the is  a snapshop I took of Nottingham... I think Im really going to like it here... have any of you been to a wedding lately?? What do you think of FROCK???