..."Welcome to my new POST GRADUATE blog... don't worry I will still be talking about fashion... but i will also be bringing you all the highs and lows of a northern girl trying to make it in the land of the pie and gravy ... there will be love... laughs and real lows... hang on to your hats guys... this ride is going straight to the stars!!!!!!!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

..post Christmas blues!!

Its the post Christmas blues and im in FULL swing!!
I came back from Sheffield on tuesday to get work done and i miss my family so much already. I've only been home for 5 days since Augast and I dont like it. :(

Had a proper wicked christmas thought. Spent it with my dad and all his family and went to church alot... did alot of praying for my degree results!! haha

So now im back in my student house all alone.. sob sob!
And im looking at a new camera to buy with my christmas money.. Kinda likining the look of this one at the moment..

and it comes with a memory card and case for £119 :)

Sony W310 Black
this is £89.99, and seems quite nice too, although the colours a bit bland :(

NIKON Coolpix S3000 Compact Digital Camera
or this one.. £99.99... and its advertised on the tele quite alot.. and i like red :)

So in a few weeks im going to brave the sales and purchase a new one :) And also proberly a printer, so i cant cut down on the LRC trips.. haha

Started writing my Marketing essay today about charities... eeeekkkkk not going very well at the moment :(

Think i need to go back to church for a bit of praying again!!



Wednesday, 22 December 2010

..Mrs Claus

..If you want to look like a stylish Mrs Claus this holiday season... just have a read below.. Ill show you some affordable options for your stocking and some splurges for under your tree!!

Sadie Dress by Jones and Jones**
Wow this dress would deferntly give you the 'WOW' factor at any Christmas party this holiday!!

ASOS Ponti-Roma Tailored Pencil Dress in the style of Victoria Beckham
chanel your Victoria Beckham in this ASOS dress for £40!!! BARGAIN!! Now all we need to do if find our own David Beckhams!!

Gina Dress by Motel**
This Motel dress is available on the ASOS website...£39!!

ASOS Asymmetric Corset Maxi Dress
a waterfull dress, These are going to be massive next season, get yours from ASOS for £85

Alexander McQueen Embellished silk-satin dress
A Alexander McQueen dress.. just in case you have £7,640 lying around =p

Aqua Bow Peep Dress With One Shoulder
Miss selfridge bright red bow dress £90!!

Versace Jersey pencil dress
Versace body con fitted dress £1,040

DKNY Strapless dress, great for creating curvs!!! £270!!

Vogue illustration.

now all you need is one of these....

too complete the outfit ;)


glee - last christmas (new song 2010)

Glee - Baby It's Cold Outside Full Song HQ.

I LOVEEEE GLEE's Version to this :) xx

Michael Bublé - Let it snow! HQ

..let it snow..

Sorry i havent wrote for quite a while.. I've had a mental couple of weeks!
Last week i had a toile review and a formative assesment ( which basically didn't help me and just confused me even more and made me loose faith in my idea )
AND we had to hand in our Dissertations!!!!!! So i had a very stressfull week with very little sleep and a very busy Jodie!!
Then on Friday night i went out to let my hair down at the Christmas ball and we had a champagne party at my house before we went out, everyone went out very 'Merry' indeed!!
And then when i was dying from the worlds worst hangover saturday luchtime it snowed so heavy that in the space of 2 hours there was 7 inches of snow in my garden! Although at that point it didnt really fuss me as i certaintly wasnt going outside for anybody! Untill on tuesday it started to snow... again and news of Heathrow and Gatwick being closed started to scare me. I looked online and my train journey home this thursday did not look good!! So i rang my family up in Sheffield and my brother drove through the night to come and pick me up and bring me back to his so they knew i was sade for Christmas Day!! :)

So now while all the country is stressing about the snow still... I couldn't care less again.. Im warm and safe and as i sit next to the christmas tree im feeling all Christmassy and merry.. them few sherrys proberly helped do that aswell!! =p

sooooo i will be doing alot less work this week and alot more relaxing with the family. Im off to my dads 2mro afternoon :)

but from next week i will keep you posted with my work updates :)

Ho Ho Ho!!

Hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas!! and a Happy New Year!!


Thursday, 16 December 2010

9 days till Christmas!!

Ho Ho HO!!

Its 9 days till christmas morning! And we've got a toile review =(
Im just in lectures at the moment waiting to go in and see if he likes any of my changes.
ALSO my Dissertation is due in today, so after this toile review iv got to go and hand that bad boy in!! and then were having a fashion christmas party in the studio!!! :)
Yay and then we can take a few days off before starting the work due in after christmas.

Are you excited for christmas? and have you wrapped all your presents already?


Monday, 13 December 2010

R-Patz's new film!!!!

These photos are taken from his new film Bel Ami, which also stars Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci..




All we can see as its obviously a victorian drama...and he looks very dashing..

mmmmm are you as excited as I am too see it? I love Period films!!


Victoria Beckham..

Victoria Beckham, a very slim women, but she has launched a design career out of her power to dress the female form. Her designs embrace hips and a bust and the trademark full length zips show a touch of sexiness..Seen on every IT women in Hollywood they are the must have dresses, shame they arn't just a little bit more affordable for the poor fashion girl like moi...Here's hoping she does a design collaboration with H&M =)

Here are a few of my favourites from her design closet.

Victoria Beckham Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
nude sexiness - Spring/Summer 2011 RTW

Victoria Beckham Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
She isn't afraid of colour, structural lines with simple shapes.
S/S 2011 RTW

Victoria Beckham Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Her take on the 'New Look'.. S/S '11 RTW

Victoria Beckham Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
WOW..statement red dress Fall 2010 RTW

Victoria Beckham Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Gold dress, used on the set of Gossip Girl, Victoria herself has also been pictured in this also.
Fall 2010 RTW

Victoria Beckham Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
beautiful elegance
Fall 2010 RTW

Victoria Beckham Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
This dress is currently sold out in stores in the UK.
Fall 2010 RTW

Victoria Beckham Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Amazing fullness in the skirt
Spring 2010 RTW

Victoria Beckham Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
This dress has been seen on everyone from Jennifer Hudson, Blake Lively, Victoria Beckham and America Ferreira.
Spring 2010 RTW

Victoria Beckham Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Love the style lines in the garment
S/S 2010 RTW

Victoria Beckham Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
fullness to the hips in this Fall 2009 RTW

Victoria Beckham Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Long... black... amazing
Fall 2009 RTW

Victoria Beckham Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear
From the first original collection S/S 2009 RTW

Victoria's collection have shown create progress throughout the seasons and her simple clean designs are amazing. I really think as a designer she is a singer.. Glad shes no longer miming to some Spice girl tracks!!

Do you love her or hate her?


Herve LEger by Max Azria

New pre-Fall collections have just droped, and as my collections is all about curves and making the most of a women figure, i was dying to see was the GOD of curves himself had created for his new line. Herve Leger knows how to make the most of a womens figure, and every celebrity from Kim Kardashian to Jenifer lopez embraces his figure huggin dresses..Here are some of my favourites from the new line...

Hervé Léger by Max Azria Pre-Fall 2011
interesting bust detail..

Hervé Léger by Max Azria Pre-Fall 2011
for those of us who don't like their thighs, this skims them nicely making the most of our waists.

Hervé Léger by Max Azria Pre-Fall 2011
These black panels make the waist look even smaller.. great stuff :)

Hervé Léger by Max Azria Pre-Fall 2011
Black and white classic strapless.

They could of used some curvier women to model though , these dresses are all about curves and when you have the silhouette of a rack its not exactly hard to make you look good..

IF you had a couple of grand sitting in the bank would you buy one of these beauties?



..Not sure why, but im in such a christmasy mood today.. i cant stop singing and dancing around my bedroom to some classic tunes..

below are some of the best i believe..

Whats you favourite Christmas song??

Ho ho ho ho

Fairy tale of new York...BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER!!!

slade - merry christmas everybody

Big Night in:

Last nights X Factor final received an audience on nearly 20 million, with Matt Cardle taking the crown of winner, the final 3, Single mum Rebecca and Teenage boy-band One Direction came 2nd and 3rd.
During the Final weekend shows the finalists (including 4th place Cher) duetted with some of the biggest names in the Music industry, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Robbie Williams and Will.i.am...
Take that performed on the final show singing their chart topper 'The Flood' , although i don't quiet understand why they sung this song, when only 3 weeks ago they sang the same song for their reunion performance.. on the x factor. Maybe Simon Cowell is facing budget cuts himself and he got a 2-4-1 deal..haha

X Factor winner 'Matt Cardel' with mentor Danni Minogue, and his début single.

Hes racing now to get to the Christmas number 1 spot, although another band has released a song to try and stop him getting their, 4 minutes of silence, not exactly the best thing for Radios to play!!!

I voted for Rebecca to win.... I was dissapointed that she didn't.

What do you think??


Sunday, 12 December 2010


OMG OMG OMG!! I've just realised in one week i have my Dissertation due in on Friday, a formative assessment for my collection and Toile review on Thursday, and i also have a 'fashion Christmas meal' on Wednesday were we are swapping secret Santa presents, and on Friday day i have a house dinner with my house mates, and then on Thursday evening i have a fashion party in the studio!!! Mentals!!!

Looks like i wont be sleeping this week :/

More photos of the happy couple!!

Today photographs of the happy couple (Prince William & Kate Middleton) came into the spotlight.

Prince William and Kate Middleton at St James's Palace. Copyright 2010 Mario Testino.
On the left is the official professional photograph and on the right is the casual photo, i love how hes got his shirt button undone and they look relaxed together. Royal photographer Mario Testino took the photos.
I am very very excited for the wedding on April 29th this year!! It's the talk of our generation.

Are you excited too?


Friday, 10 December 2010


... Like every other blood ridden women out there i have a very big obsession with Shoes...
The height, the style and the way they make you feel is magical..

Here are some of my favourite picks on the high street to step your toes into so you can dazzle on the dance floor this Christmas..

ASOS PURIFY Lace Detail Lace Up Shoes
Asos lace ups £45... chic evening boot to wear with opaques.

ASOS POLLY Leather Court Shoes
The Nude heel.. great for lengthening your legs at an affordable £65 with hidden platform (Asos)

SCHOLAR Black Patent Platform Loafers
These will be on my christmas wish list, with the classic mule front and chunky heel. Comfort and style, from good old Topshop at £70!

Black (Black) Butterfly Platform Heel | 195955001 | New Look
Shoe boot.. can be worn in the day or night, from New Look £30

SPORTY Elastic Strap Platforms
Topshop platform for that killer look...£68

Office shoe boot with peep toe, with £50 off!! at a wicked £35!!

ASOS PARTYTIME Leopard Print Peep Toe Platform Shoes
chunky heels are my favourite, there good when you've had a few cocktails £45!! from ASOS

ASOS TERROR Studded Wedge Shoe Boots
studded shoe boot from Asos £65! great with a pair of grey skinnies!!

ASOS WHITE WEST Leather Platform Tassel Shoes
Tassle shoes £88 pound from ASOS!!

Black Feather Shoe Boot
oooo i love a bit of feathers!! Miss selfridge!! £69

ASOS PERRY Suede Fringed Heeled Shoe Boots
a bit of fridging to trigger the cowgirl in you!! Asos £44

River Island Perine Spike Platform Sandals
Spikey shoe!!! Wear with caution after alcohol!! Asos £69

Ill come back soon with some designre choices for you girls when you've just been paid =p