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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

..Oscar Update!!

So the award season is just about over... and to be honest I havent seen that one dress that is gettin all the talk and style admiration.... whats happening ladies... not to say there havent been some gorgeous dresses this season, just not that one show stopper yet....
Maybe Im too much of a little monster of late to be shocked by n e thing any more...

Anyway here are some of my favourites...

Oscars dresses: Angelina Jolie
Got to say I was very impressed with Mrs Pitt.... as of late her red carpet dresses have been dull and boring.. her hair has been flat and im pretty sure if you studied her carefully you would of seen a bit of baby sick on her shoulder... but that was untill the Oscars... he looks like a SEX Siren in this Versace gown... very impressed... keep it up..

Oscars dresses: Gwyneth Paltrow
Gywnth Paltrow in Tom Ford... now I LOVE Tom Ford and this is why... he has a eye for what looks frickin amazing... and this is one obvious reason why... the cut of this dress is so beautiful, yet powerfull, femine yet sexy... love!

Oscars dresses: Natalie Portman
Come on Natalie Portmon, and Dior... what are you doing... there is nothing to this dress... its too long for her, looks ill fitting and the hair just does not go... as she is the black swan actress you think she would of had the choice of many many dresses... not impressed Miss Portman...

Oscars dresses: Penelope Cruz
Ok, so this is a classic Oscar Dress.... when you think of oscar dress in your head this kind of thing would be popped out... Yes Penelope Cruz, you do look beautiful, and Armarni Prive, it is a beautiful dress, and nice colour... but thats it... its just NICE... there is no risk... there is no fashion forwardness.... it is a very safe beautiful option... but I know you could of looked sensational in something edgier but still beautiful Penelope....

Oscars dresses: Jessica Chastain
I LOVE the dress... of course I do.... its McQueen..... what a stunning dress... Jessica Chastain were this colour beautifully, and her copper hair makes the gold pop out of the dress..the hair and makeup is soft, and lets the dress speak for itsself... impressed..

Oscars dresses: Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep in Lanvin.... A very nice a unsual choice for a older lady, I like the fact that she is still having fun with her fashion, and hasnt gone down the boring route, It is a beautiful cut on her... very nice work Meryl...

Oscars dresses: Michelle Williams
I love this dress.... I love the colour I love the design... but sorry Michelle Williams, I dont love you in this, you have such a slim athlete body that this is doing you no favours at all, someone like penelope cruz or scarlett Johanson would look sensational in this Louis Vuitton Dress, it need curves to give it that wow... a big of booty and a curve of a hip....

\Oscars dresses: Rooney Mara
now this is a very interesting dress, it reminds me of a virgin Mortia Adams, from the infamous Adams Family, It is very 20's and very beautiful, unforgettably Rooney Mara I think you might of been a little too short to wear this frock, it needed someone with height, as the bottom of the dress makes even a supermodel look shorter...Givenchy... nice work.

Oscars dresses: Rose Byrne
If you guys had to dress this label... I am assuming.. that you would not pick Vivenne Westwood... It is a beautiful dress, but ol' Viv is known for her amazing pattern cutting, and strange contoured shapes over the body, and Im wondering if this was just knocked up 10 mins before the show.... hmmmm

Best dressed: Miley Cyrus (L) and Katy Perry stole the spotlight in silver gowns at Elton John's Oscars party
I am actually in love with your hair Katy... who needs russel when you look like this... very well done..

Cute couples: Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, Steven Tyler and Erin Brady, and Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum
Wow the True Blood couple themselves... at the afterparty... got to say.. with clothes on you still both look fabulous..

Blondes have more fun: Gwen Stefani (L) and Bar Rafaeli appeared to be having a great time at the bash

Gorgeous Gwen Stefani!!

What a fabulous night... hopefully next year ill be reporting on it from next to the red carpet...

What was your favourite dress??


....True Blood...

So, Im pretty sure I have proberly blogged about True Blood before, because it IS the most amazing programme on tele at the moment, and now the 5th series has started on FX on Sky.... and it is turning out to be very very exciting...
and thanks to my beautiful friend... I am also reading the books... from the start.. so I am totally obsessed.. (more than usual)

This is a picture of the Season 5 cast... so far this season we have experiance Vampires(obviously), Faires, Whitches, Shape Shifters, panthers, demon babies, and warewolves...

You can not say that there is a dull moment in True Blood, for those of you who hav ebeen hiding under a rock for the last few years, the series is about a girl named Sookie Stackhouse, who, after her parents are killed when she is young is left being brought up by her grandmother in a small town bon temps with her older brother, she is known as a freak and crazy by her friends and neighbours, as since she was a young age she was able to hear peoples thoughts, She knows she is not 'normal', and then when the vampires come out in society and start to live amongst humans, Sookie is desperate to meet one, and her lifes changes forever when Bill Compton, Vampire and very attractive man, comes into her work (Merlottes a pub nand grill), and as they say the rest is history.

True blood, however is not for the faint hearted, and I would not recommend watching it with your parents or any small children, as the sex scenes in it are very graphic and has been comapred to soft porn, and also the violance is very strong, and so there is alot of blood and filth throughtout, but if you are not shy about those kind of things True Blood is show for you..

Sookie stackhouse(centre) with Bill Compton (right) and Eric (left) - A sheffif Vampire and local club owner of Fangtasia a Vampire themed and run bar.

This magazine cover was done for a press shoot to launch the 3rd series..

The scenes are very erotic, and sometimes the cast members are coverd in blood or are being threatened at the time..

Sookie and Best friend Tara at Merlottes...

The Vampire Queen with her lover

Eric at the moment has been turned into a younger warewolf by some Whitches, which is the current storyline at the moment... let me know what you lot think???!!!


....bake bake...bake me a cake

So.. I have got two WHOLE weeks of work at the moment, and I am now on day 3, and am getting pretty board, so I thought I would play wit doing some baking... see what I can produce with my very lacking skills.....

whisk whisk whisk.... the embaressing thing about this picture is, it is what I send to my mummy to see if the mixture was thick enough!! hahaha

Hot Stuff!! In the ovening..... making themselves all beautifull!! ;)

Out of the pan into the fire... ahaha
without the icing on it..

time to start decorating...


I like the vintage theme of the creme and blue... lots very pretty!!

What do u think??? have you been baking recently??


Monday, 20 February 2012

...LFW...Day 4

Soo..... I was very excited when I sore the Erdem Fall line... at LFW today... the bold colours and prints make us all feel a little safer knowing next winter is not going to be drab and dull...

So here are some of my favourites from the show..

Erdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Love the sweetheart neckline of this frock, very 50's inspired, which we have seen alot of on the catwalks this season and last, its obvious curves are around for the next few season's ladies!

Erdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
love the graphic print on this frock. the unsual lace work very well aswell, I could see this dress on Michelle Williams..

Erdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

This dress is by far my favourite of the collection so far, the print is bold and beautiful, the cut is elegant and sophisticated. I think this will be a very popular a-list dress in the next few months to come.

Erdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

The column and shape of this dress is very chic.. I love the mixture of lace and the bright colours!!

Erdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

wahhhhhhhhhhh this is amazing!!!!

Erdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

I am actually in love with this dress, it is absoloutly beautiful, the print is exceptional, and the way it is situated to work around the body is amazing!!!! defiantly my pick of the season!!

Erdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
cute.... preppy... awesome mix of clash floral print!!!!!! How can you not look forward to fall with this!!??

Erdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Ok, I have to own this dress... I dont even care how much it costs..... it is amazing.. the print!! wahhhhhh!!!!!!! loveeeeeee

Erdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

I think someone has been watching my week with marilyn a bit to much in their inspiration seshions....

Erdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
amazing... you know I dont think their is a peice in this current collection that i dont want to smother all over my face and stare at while sipping a cup of tea..

London Fashion Week... you are giving me goosebumps wth my excitement for the new year!!

What is your favoruite show this season???? are u a Erdem Girl??


Sunday, 19 February 2012


More london fashion week info.... So this is the first time I have ever lived in london during fashion week, and honestly I have not seen much of the hype and media around the experiance yet, today when I got on the tube I sore a london fashion week newspaper suplement, and goodybag leaflets scatterd everywhere... this did give me a few pangs of jealousy!!!

We did have Victoria Beckham in Harvey Nichols on Friday evening... and I admit it openly, i do adore her, I think she is very smart, she has moulded her career to where she is now, and he eye for fashion is amazing... even Anna Wintour is giving her style nodds, She is now the designer of the year, and she is set to represent the United Kingdom for Fashion and be an embassadr for it... and I'm proud to have her representing her... it does annoy me when people here her name and just assume she is rubbish... its the general public who do this.. and honeslty.. what the hell do they know... they are still shopping in primark wearing fleeces!!!! so untill you know about the subject I say shuutt up (essex style!) ha!

so here are some of my picks from her new collection...

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
this is such a classic style, but the bold lines give it an extra summit summit...

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

I can see this dress on alot of famous faces in the press.... the black cut out lines create a smaller waist, without the need for the diet... and I know were all a fan of that ey ladies?

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Vaaa Vaaaa vooooommmmm look at the curves that this dress helps create... it shows you dont need to get ur tits and ass out in order to look sexy!!!!

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
beautiful structure in a loose fitting dress, awesome detail in the colar and shoulder, its even long enough for my managers not to have a hissy fit if i wore it to work... now if only i had the thousands in my bank... hmmmmm payrise anyone?

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

wahhhh I am actually in love with this collection... what it does to the hourglass figure is magice, it is beautiful cut, it is preactical clothing, and it is wearable... vicky b might be a skinnie minnie,... but she sure knows how to dress a curve or two!

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

awesome relaxed outfit... you could wear all day and be sooo comfty in... love the Harper handbag aswell.... well when your daughter is as cute as little H why the hell not??

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh =)

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
and finally miss B herself!!! I think I am turning into a lesbian starting at the hips in these women... she makes your eye go to the curves in her creations... she knows what women want to wear, and how they want to feel. And are even giving us skint fashion slaves a chance to wear her stuff with Victoria by Victoria Beckham!!

What are your opinions of Victoria's collection this year??

let me know... xx

..London Fashion week

So London Fashion week is still in progress....and one of the shows I have been most looking forward to seing is the House of holland, I LOVE the designer for one and I love his way of using prints and colours together...

here are some of my favoruite peices from the new show!!

House of Holland Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
I love the simple cut of this dress... the print and the way it looks in the light looks amazing..
House of Holland Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
this skater dress is adorable, team with a leather biker jacket and cow boy boots for a fun twist... or cream lace tights and a string of pearls for ladylike glam!!

House of Holland Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

I can see this shirt dress being a huge staple in alot of a-list wardrobes, the caridgan is so on trend too!!

House of Holland Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
I love this look... the leather flare brings a diversity to leather you would not expect, and the dogtooth print is awesome...

House of Holland Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
The Designer!! Mr. Henrey Holland... complete style and man crush!!

...... I will be bringing you some more of my favourite shows in due time... patience londeners....

love xxx

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

...post Valentines happiness

...It's the day after Valenintes Day...and I think every single women and Man can breath a sigh of release... 'we made it' were all thinkin...lol only just though I'm sure.... I really think Valentines Day becomes more blown up when your single.. you feel like everyone has a partner.. and your missing out on this secret club that your not cool enough to be apart off.... but just think... YOUR SINGLE... Yes .... and its FABULOUS... just think off all the money you would of wasted buying him a christmas and Valentines present this year... just think... you can flirt with that cute guy you sore on the tube this morning... and you can stay out for 3 days and no that no one wants you to check in with them... your young.... you have intelligance...and aspirations... and yehhh being in love is all fantastic... but youve got the rest of your life to be a 'We'...enjoy these years in your life you are ALLOWED to be selfish... and just have fun!!

...and while your having fun...just think of all the extra cash you can spend on yourself...as you dont HAVE to buy him presents he doesnt even want.... heres my list of my top buys this febuary...

Love Moschino - Tie waist leather dress

This fabulous LOVE MOSCHINO dress is the perfect look for a day in the office or a coctail night with the girls in central... yours for £595...

Team it with...

Jeffrey Campbell - Lace up platform ankle boots

these fabulous Jeffery Campbell shoes will really add a brick lane line ot your outfit..and a steal at only £95.00!!!!

Givenchy - Obsedia printed silk scarf
my tip for wearing scalfs at the moment is to tie them to your handbag, you feel like your wearing a new bag everyday as it brightens up ur dull bag and looks uber cool! Get this beautiful scalf GIVENCHY for £170...totally worth it though.. and you would wear it for life!!

Proenza Schouler - PS1 extra large leather satchel
Im not even going to tell you how much this costs (its more than 2 months rent ftw)... but it is beautiful...and it is buy Proenza Schouler!!!!1

sooo all together this is a utterly fabulous outfit... very Alexa Chung... just tie ur hair like this...

and acsesorise with ATTITUDE =)

lots of love Maggie xxx

P.S..... I will be bringing you all the updates from London Fashion Week this weekend.. I am very excited!!!

wear this slung loose on your shoulder with teh scalf tied on the side.... for relaxed urban style!!!