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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

....True Blood...

So, Im pretty sure I have proberly blogged about True Blood before, because it IS the most amazing programme on tele at the moment, and now the 5th series has started on FX on Sky.... and it is turning out to be very very exciting...
and thanks to my beautiful friend... I am also reading the books... from the start.. so I am totally obsessed.. (more than usual)

This is a picture of the Season 5 cast... so far this season we have experiance Vampires(obviously), Faires, Whitches, Shape Shifters, panthers, demon babies, and warewolves...

You can not say that there is a dull moment in True Blood, for those of you who hav ebeen hiding under a rock for the last few years, the series is about a girl named Sookie Stackhouse, who, after her parents are killed when she is young is left being brought up by her grandmother in a small town bon temps with her older brother, she is known as a freak and crazy by her friends and neighbours, as since she was a young age she was able to hear peoples thoughts, She knows she is not 'normal', and then when the vampires come out in society and start to live amongst humans, Sookie is desperate to meet one, and her lifes changes forever when Bill Compton, Vampire and very attractive man, comes into her work (Merlottes a pub nand grill), and as they say the rest is history.

True blood, however is not for the faint hearted, and I would not recommend watching it with your parents or any small children, as the sex scenes in it are very graphic and has been comapred to soft porn, and also the violance is very strong, and so there is alot of blood and filth throughtout, but if you are not shy about those kind of things True Blood is show for you..

Sookie stackhouse(centre) with Bill Compton (right) and Eric (left) - A sheffif Vampire and local club owner of Fangtasia a Vampire themed and run bar.

This magazine cover was done for a press shoot to launch the 3rd series..

The scenes are very erotic, and sometimes the cast members are coverd in blood or are being threatened at the time..

Sookie and Best friend Tara at Merlottes...

The Vampire Queen with her lover

Eric at the moment has been turned into a younger warewolf by some Whitches, which is the current storyline at the moment... let me know what you lot think???!!!


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  1. Season 5 is not airing until June, so you're probably talking about season 4 and it's AMAZING! Seen all of it and read the books too - Love, love, love it!