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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

...post Valentines happiness

...It's the day after Valenintes Day...and I think every single women and Man can breath a sigh of release... 'we made it' were all thinkin...lol only just though I'm sure.... I really think Valentines Day becomes more blown up when your single.. you feel like everyone has a partner.. and your missing out on this secret club that your not cool enough to be apart off.... but just think... YOUR SINGLE... Yes .... and its FABULOUS... just think off all the money you would of wasted buying him a christmas and Valentines present this year... just think... you can flirt with that cute guy you sore on the tube this morning... and you can stay out for 3 days and no that no one wants you to check in with them... your young.... you have intelligance...and aspirations... and yehhh being in love is all fantastic... but youve got the rest of your life to be a 'We'...enjoy these years in your life you are ALLOWED to be selfish... and just have fun!!

...and while your having fun...just think of all the extra cash you can spend on yourself...as you dont HAVE to buy him presents he doesnt even want.... heres my list of my top buys this febuary...

Love Moschino - Tie waist leather dress

This fabulous LOVE MOSCHINO dress is the perfect look for a day in the office or a coctail night with the girls in central... yours for £595...

Team it with...

Jeffrey Campbell - Lace up platform ankle boots

these fabulous Jeffery Campbell shoes will really add a brick lane line ot your outfit..and a steal at only £95.00!!!!

Givenchy - Obsedia printed silk scarf
my tip for wearing scalfs at the moment is to tie them to your handbag, you feel like your wearing a new bag everyday as it brightens up ur dull bag and looks uber cool! Get this beautiful scalf GIVENCHY for £170...totally worth it though.. and you would wear it for life!!

Proenza Schouler - PS1 extra large leather satchel
Im not even going to tell you how much this costs (its more than 2 months rent ftw)... but it is beautiful...and it is buy Proenza Schouler!!!!1

sooo all together this is a utterly fabulous outfit... very Alexa Chung... just tie ur hair like this...

and acsesorise with ATTITUDE =)

lots of love Maggie xxx

P.S..... I will be bringing you all the updates from London Fashion Week this weekend.. I am very excited!!!

wear this slung loose on your shoulder with teh scalf tied on the side.... for relaxed urban style!!!

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